Black Friday Retail Vs. Online Sales

More holiday shoppers beat the long lines and crowds this year by buying online with their smartphones, tablets and computers. Although less people were expected to shop on Cyber Monday, which was down to 121.3 million vs. 126.9 million in 2014, sales are expected to hold steady into December due to the trend of stores starting promotions as early as Halloween. People have even delayed their back to school fall shopping in anticipation of the holiday season deals.

“It’s clear that the age-old holiday tradition of heading out to stores with family and friend’s is now equally matched in the new tradition of looking online,” said NRF President and CEO Matthew Shay.

In-store sales were down around 1.5% across the board, but many businesses most likely made up for that online. Online sales increased 14.34 percent on Black Friday, and email promotions increased sales by 25 percent.  According to the National Retail Federation’s consumer sentiment survey more than 103 million people planned to shop online Thanksgiving day through the weekend. 

Kohl’s (KSS up 1.21%) Chief Executive Kevin Mansell told Fortune on Friday that the department store had its two biggest online sales day ever last week.  While we won’t know for sure yet the outcome of the sales until the New Year, with the economy picking up and gas prices low, it is looking like 2015 will be a good year for many retailers.

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