Brady Suspension Overturned by Federal Judge

September 3, 2015

Breaking news from New York this morning, New England Patriots star quarterback Tom Brady has had his four-game suspension overturned by a federal judge.

U.S. District Judge Richard Berman was highly critical of the NFL and its commissioner Roger Goodell, who had accused Brady of knowingly deflating footballs in order to gain competitive advantage. The judge pointed out that while the NFL’s private investigation of the matter found it “more probably than not” that Brady was guilty, there was no hard evidence to back up this claim. In Judge Berman’s 40-page ruling, he noted that the NFL had “premised [its case] upon several significant legal deficiencies,” and that Goodell, without proper evidence handed out “his own brand of industrial justice.”

The Patriot’s season opener is set for September 10th against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Las Vegas bookies have already responded to the ruling, issued just this morning, by improving the projected margin of victory for the Patriots.