Brady Suspension Upheld

On Tuesday NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell chose to maintain the four game suspension levied on Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.   

This decision will potentially sideline the game's biggest star for the first month of the season, much to the chagrin of Patriots owner Robert Kraft.  Kraft stated that he has total faith in Brady, and expressed outrage that the suspension was not reduced, as is typically the case during an appeals hearing.  

The Commissioner's decision was based in large part on the fact that Brady was uncooperative throughout the so-called "DeflateGate" investigation.  Of particular interest to the investigating panel was the fact that Brady knowingly destroyed a cell phone, and 1000s of texts along with it, that contained potentially incriminating evidence.  For his part, Brady confirmed disposing the phone, but continued his claim that he at no point discussed the systematic deflation of footballs with Patriots staff members.

Despite this most recent ruling, the seven-month drama of DeflateGate is far from over.  Brady, in partnership with the NFL Players Association, has chosen to take his case to federal court, and will argue that the NFL categorically failed to present any concrete evidence of football tampering.  

Football fans and pundits across the country remain sharply divided on the issue.  While Patriots fans remain steadfastly behind the quarterback that has brought them to six superbowls, others have pointed out that this is not the first time the Patriots organization has been accused of cheating.

The federal trial will commence in the following weeks, none too soon for Brady and the Patriots, as pre-season games start August 13th, and regular season games on September 10th.