Chinese Scientists Closer To Creating Unlimited Clean Energy


Chinese scientists at the Institute of Physical Science in Hefei are now closer to creating unlimited clean energy than ever before. Chinese experts have in the past week created an 'artificial sun' from nuclear fusion, which successfully made hydrogen gas three times as hot as the core of our Sun. To take matters ever further, the scientists were able to not only create an 'artificial sun', but were also able to maintain the temperature at 50 million°C for nearly two minutes. The experiment was created as an attempt at substituting unrenewable fossil fuels with unlimited nuclear energy made by the high temperature hydrogen gas. 

China has now surpassed Germany as the forerunner of creating and controlling nuclear energy, as European scientists had been unable to sustain high temperatures out of fear that the hot gas would melt the reactor and cause even more dangerous circumstances for the surrounding environment. Chinese scientists were however able to sustain the high temperatures by using a high-powered magnetic field that kept the hydrogen gas safely inside the specially designed chamber. 

Although the scientists fell short of their original goal to reach 100 million Kelvins for nearly 20 minutes, the breakthrough could still in the future lead to the abolishment of the use of fossil fuels as a source of energy, creating safe and renewable energy that is safer for the environment.