Clinton to Give Up Email Server to FBI

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has agreed to provide the FBI with an email server used during her time as secretary of state.

While it is customary for government officials to use government email accounts, Mrs. Clinton routinely used a private server while in office. In March 2015 the US State Department asked for copies of correspondence sent and received by Mrs. Clinton during her term, who returned some 30,000 emails. An additional 30,000 emails were described by her lawyers as “personal” and were deleted, much to the consternation of Republicans in congress.

Emails sent by government officials are considered property of the federal government. As such, Mrs. Clinton’s choice to both use a private server and then delete selected emails has been viewed by some as highly suspicious behavior.

As the 2016 presidential election continues to heat up, public perception becomes paramount. Polls show that voters are increasingly concerned with Mrs. Clinton’s trustworthiness, and critics question whether or not potentially sensitive information was sent through the unsecure private server. In an effort to quell these murmurings Mrs. Clinton has agreed to more fully cooperate with the FBI by handing over both the private server and several flash drives that contain copies of emails.