Clinton makes history as first female presumptive nominee.

Hillary Clinton became the first female democratic presumptive nominee yesterday by reaping large victories in the states of California and New Jersey. Clinton beat her opponent Bernie Sanders in New Jersey presidential primary. In the California presidential primary, Clinton led Sanders by 26% to 43%. The victory clinched by Clinton in New Jersey and California comes as a huge relief to the candidate who only narrowly won in the states of New Mexico and South Dakota. Sanders was able to win the state of Montana and North Dakota.

Hillary can now focus on engaging with Sanders supporters to join her campaign and clarifying allegations surrounding her use of a private email account when she was in the State Department. She gave Sanders credit in her speech in Brooklyn, New York by saying that his campaign has done much to bring to the fore issues of economic inequality, which has done much to win support from the younger voting bloc. However despite the recent losses, Sanders has vowed to continue the fight. Clinton has set her eyes on Republican presumptive nominee, Donald Trump, by criticising him for his rhetoric on women, immigrants and Muslims and declared him unfit to be president.