Hoverboards Ruled Dangerous By United States Government

Hoverboards, the newest technology trend to take the world by storm, has officially been declared unsafe by the United States Government. The news comes several months after several of the hoverboards burst into flames due to exploding batteries and other failed parts catching alight. The hoverboards, which have been examined by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, currently carry too high a chance of fire to be deemed safe by the CPSC. 

Since December 2015, 52 hoverboards in the United States alone have caused around $2 million in damages to properties after catching fire, and most hoverboards do not have safety guidelines to adhere to. This means that many hoverboard manufacturers could be forced to recall their products for an overhaul of wiring and safety features by the CPSC in the coming months. 

In the report on hoverboard safety, director of the CSPC Compliance Office and Field Operations Robert Howell stated:

“Consumers risk serious injury or death if their self-balancing scooters ignite and burn.”

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