Mattel's third quarter earnings increase.

According Mattel third quarter earnings report, sales for Barbie increased by 16% while the American Girl doll range rose by 14%. Total sales for the third quarter amounted to $1.8 billion, exceeding analysts expectations who predicted net sales of $1.78 billion. The rise in sales of Mattel's most well-known products, the Barbie doll comes at a time when the company decided to revamp the product by introducing more realistic body types in the range such as curvy hips and shorter legs. The company has also seen a pick up in sales in its girl orientated toys. The company's rival, Hasbro, began selling Disney Princess products in 2015 and has also seen its girl toys rise by 57% in the third quarter while sales for its boy toys increased by 2%. When the report was released, shares for the company increased by 5.8% to $32.40 and the company reported earnings of around 70 cents per share in the third quarter with the exception of some products. Sales in the international market have slowed down and decreased by 4% as a result of a stronger dollar.