Microsoft Sues US Government Over User Data Reading

Veteran tech giant Microsoft has served the United States government over data requests, meaning that the company is seeking the right to inform customers when their emails are checked by law enforcement. Microsoft has stated that the government has been using the servers of technology companies to read users' private data without informing the users that their data is being read. 

The government has long argued that if they told users that their data was being read, the forewarning may be enough to tip off the criminal individuals being investigated. The recent Apple vs. FBI battles have opened up plenty of conversation regarding privacy and electronic surveillance, and Microsoft's lawsuit is adding to the growing amount of tech voices opposing government methods. 

In the court filing, Microsoft stated that:

"People do not give up their rights when they move their private information from physical storage to the cloud. The transition to the cloud does not alter the fundamental constitutional requirement that the government must – with few exceptions – give notice when it searches and seizes the private information or communications of individuals or businesses.”

According to the court filing, Microsoft has been forced to give in to almost 2,600 legal demands in the past year and a half alone, and most of these demands are indefinite. The filing is currently under review by the Department of Justice. 

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