Obama seeks to strengthen ties with Cuba.

Today marks the first time a U.S president has set foot on Cuban soil since the 1959 revolution that took place on the island nation. President Obama and his counterpart President Raul Castro are expected to discuss political and economic reform and the ongoing embargo on Cuba. This is the fourth time that Castro and Obama are meeting, but this one is expected to bear more fruit than previously as the two seek to build bi-latirel ties with each other.

Obama has not been explicit about which issues lie the table but in an interview on ABC news he has said that one of the things he will be announcing is Google setting up Wi-Fi and broadband facilities on the island. According to the news agency, Google representatives could not be reached for contact. Together with promoting technological access to Cubans, Obama plans on raising issues of press- freedom and free speech to Castro as stated in a letter to dissident group 'Ladies in White'.

Obama has urged senate to adopt a resolution that would end the 54 year embargo on Cuba, however he has been met with much opposition to it from the Republican majority. Even though the president may be met with much hostility from senate he still has the authority to relax restrictions regarding trade and travel with Cuba. Tommorow he is expected to give a speech at a baseball game between Major League Baseball team the Tampa Bay Rays and the Cuban national team