PayPal pulls back plans to expand 'bathroom bill' controversy

Following the passing of North Carolina's controversial 'bathroom law' PayPal (PYPL) has decided to pull back its plans to open a global operations center in Charlotte. The new prohibts cities from creating gender-neutral bathroom facilities and that would be hostile to non- cisgender people. Many have criticized the new bill as it is particulary discriminatory against LGBTI people. PayPal's facility in the state would have employed 400 people. More than a 100 companies have come out in condemnation of the new bill but only PayPal has thus far been the only one to take decisive steps.

The company is known for being a firm supporter of LGBTI rights and has been at the forefront of promoting an LGBTI friendly environment in its workspace according to the Human Rights Campaign Foundations Corporate Equality index, which gave PayPal a ranking of 100% for 2016. In a statement released by the company, CEO Dan Schulman said that the new law in the state perpetuates discrimination and violates the core values and goals of the company.

Schulman further went on to say that the move is the right thing to do for its employees as well as consumers. On Tuesday Mississippi passed a bill to protect religious freedom that many claim is discriminatory agaist the LGBTI community. 

Mississippi passed a religious freedom bill on Tuesday that many have criticized as discriminatory against the LGBT community. Proponents say it is designed to protect people's religious beliefs. Many other states has passed similar laws in the recent past.