SpaceX To Mass Produce Rocket Cores

The Space Exploration Technologies Corporation, commonly referred to as SpaceX, has recently announced its intention to move from the test and development phase of the company's Falcon 9 rocket cores into mass production. The news follows the successful landing of a SpaceX rocket booster in the Pacific Ocean last month, with the company's Falcon 9 being designed to return to the Earth's atmosphere and remotely land on an oceanic barge. 

The Falcon 9, designed by SpaceX, is aimed at creating a reusable rocket which could lower the cost of manned missions to space, but also creates the possibility of passenger flights to space. 

COO of SpaceX, Gwynne Shotwell, speaking at this year's Federal Aviation Administration’s Commercial Space Transportation Conference, said in an official statement: 

“Now we’re in this factory transformation to go from building six or eight a year to about 18 cores a year. By the end of this year we should be at over 30 cores per year.”

The company, run by Elon Musk of Tesla fame, is planning to launch manned Falcon 9 missions as early as next year. The flight will also include a first of a kind failsafe evacuation system for crew members in case of emergency during launch. 

Elon Musk