Trump Surprises With New Hampshire Primary Vote

United States presidential candidate Donald Trump has surprised election followers with his Republican win at the New Hampshire Primary this week. The New Hampshire Primary is the first in several elections held throughout the United States in which representative candidates are chosen from both political parties. Trump, along with Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders, celebrated a triumphant victory over the other candidates. This is the second time that Trump has run for the presidency, after running an exploratory campaign in the year 2000 and winning two Reform Party primaries.

Trump surprised election followers with a 35.3% vote from 10 delegates at the New Hampshire Primary, a whopping 19.5% over the candidate John Kasich who came second on the Republican side with a 15.8% vote. On the Democratic side, socialist democrat Bernie Sanders came in first with a 60% vote from 13 delegates, beating out Hilary Clinton who achieved a 38.8% vote from 9 delegates.

Many have however come out against Trump, who has in the past expressed his views as a religious conservative, expressing his disdain not only for the LGBTQ community, but also towards the Mexican people who make up a large part of the population of voters in the United States.

The two political parties will now travel across the country in order to drum up more supporters ahead of the 14 state vote taking place on March the 1st.