Twitter Shares Fall To New Low

Shares in the social media company Twitter has today fallen to a new low, dropping 3% and setting a single share price to a decreased $13.90. Times have increasingly become harder for the company, which is steered by co-founder and now CEO Jack Dorsey and was originally designed as a way to use a messaging service for a small and more personal group.

In recent months Twitter has not only had large amounts of users defect to other social media sites, but has also missed revenue estimates in the first quarter with similar results predicted for the second. Shares in Twitter have dropped more than sixty percent in the past year alone, and despite a recent increase in users, ad growth has lagged behind. In a statement on the state of Twitter's first quarter, Dorsey stated: 

"We made a lot of progress on product innovation this quarter, particularly with live video and our refined timeline, and people love it — with less than 2 percent opting out. We remain focused on improving our service to make it fast, simple and easy to use."



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