Will video games save movie theaters?

Despite many big ticket movies like Jurassic World and Avengers bringing in money, movie theaters have been losing revenue steadily over the years. One idea to save theaters has been to add video gaming to the big screen. Imagine playing video games on a big screen with hundreds of users in the theater and you start to get the idea.

Other theaters are trying to turn their location into an upscale entertainment experience with cocktails, high end bowling alleys, and VIP seating and food service. It will be interesting to see if theaters are able to change with the times and stay relevant. As more and more people are turning to watching movies online, or renting them on demand, the industry will have to change and stay interesting.

With people staying inside to socialize more and more through chat, video games, and social media, some see this as a positive evolution. Customers would have an opportunity to socialize and meet other video gamers in real life. While no video game theaters have started yet, it may be a trend for investors to keep an eye out for. Movie goers do currently have the option, although an expensive one, at many theaters to rent out the big screen for a night or special events.